1+1=2, 2+1=3. The tenets of basic mathematics are sacrosanct for the generations of mathematicians - and humans - who have relied on equations and the basic laws of counting for daily function. That's why a new result announced by physicist Yakir Aharonov and colleagues sounds a lot like blasphemy.

Aharonov claims that the 'pigeonhole principle' does not hold in quantum mechanics. Said principle states simply that if 3 pigeons are put into 2 holes, one of the holes contains more than 1 pigeon. Apparently the law does not hold in a quantum sense: given 3 particles distributed amongst 2 'boxes,' it is still possible that each box only ever contains 1 particle (or no particles). If this doesn't make sense to you, join the club.

Quantum weirdness: +1

The institution of human mathematics: 0

...but why bother counting when counting no longer makes sense?