You are NEVER too old to start a business, least of all when you are still in your twenties.

I’m only going to mention a few, but there are hundreds of famous entrepreneurs that got their start late in life. Here are some of the ones you may recognize:

  • John Pemberton – inventor of Coca-Cola (age 55)
  • Colonel Harland Sanders – founder of KFC (age 65)
  • Ray Kroc – the man that made McDonalds work (age 52)
  • Henry Kaiser – founder of Kaiser Permanente (age 63)

Piggybacking off years of experience, these men grew to understand what worked, what didn’t work and what was in need in their industry. They also experimented. A lot. In fact, Colonel Sanders, the founder of KFC was one of these people. For most of his life he had been a job-hopper, at one point a steamboat pilot at another a farmer and on an on, dabbling in insurance and even fire safety. His first attempt to start a business – a service station – failed miserably and his second attempt – a restaurant – ended in disaster when the US entered WWII and tourists dried up. But, Sanders didn’t stop and eventually, went on to found and franchise ‘Kentucky Fried Chicken’.

The common denominator?

They never stopped trying.

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