The big craze in the 2010-2012 era were smartphone apps. The market exploded in only a few years leading to apps for everything. There were apps to order pizza, apps to check stocks, apps to shoot small birds at strange pig-like creatures... However, by 2013 and 2014 standalone apps aren't all that hot anymore.

The craze now is 'connected' apps, or apps that can interface directly with objects in the real world to collect data or accomplish tasks. Examples of connected apps are apps that can lock or unlock the doors to your house when you are at work, the Fitbit bracelet which syncs directly to an app on your phone for lifestyle monitoring, and apps that can wirelessly interface with medical equipment to collect longitudinal health information.

It seems that the wireless capabilities and a corresponding app are being slapped onto every object that innovative startups can get their hands on.

This article discusses a new and particularly odd connected app. The app wirelessly syncs with an eCigarette to tell the user how much they are vaping each day and where they are vaping. If the user desires to reduce their smoking or quit altogether the app has a virtual coach that will provide advice based on the data collected.