If you haven't seen a da Vinci Surgical Robot in action yet, it is quite the sight to behold. It looks somewhat akin to a giant mechanical insect performing an operation on a patient.

The da Vinci Surgical system is an amazing step forward in surgical technology because it allows doctors to remotely control a robot in order to perform a surgery. The doctor could be sitting on the other side of the operating room, or the doctor could be on the other side of the Atlantic! The result is the same. Imagine that a patient is in urgent need of a very specialized surgery that can only by performed by a doctor across the globe. Luckily, the hospital that the patient currently resides has a da Vinci Robot. The patient could potentially have the surgery done that same day, and they wouldn't even need to be moved to another hospital!

This vision is becoming more and more of a reality. Da Vinci robots have been implemented in many American hospitals over the last few years. However, they have now obtained clearance to be employed in Europe as well. It will be excited to see what changes remote surgical technology may bring to healthcare.