If you have never heard of or played with a Mexican jumping bean before, they are worth checking out. They are seed pods that house small larva. Sometimes the larva move around within the seed and cause the innocuous-looking seeds to defy physics by rolling around and even jumping.

A team of researchers in Tel-Aviv, perhaps inspired by the marvels of the Mexican bean, have developed a pill equipped with a small vibrating motor. Their motivation you ask? Constipation relief. The motor in the pill is designed to start vibrating around 6 hours after being swallowed. At this time the pill will be in the large intestine and the vibrations are intended to get an under-performing large intestine back into action.

Swallowing tiny pills equipped with vibrating motors... What next, are we going to swallow tiny robots to fight viruses and repair internal injuries?! Well actually yes. More on this to come though!