Johnson & Johnson join APP on the list of recent companies to commit to "zero deforestation".

I'm posting this because it's an eminently good thing, and commitments like these should be encouraged. However, I'm yet to be convinced that these commitments are anything more than a PR window dressing exercise.

While any commitment to restraint is better than the current trend of unbridled destruction, APP's definition of "zero deforestation" appears to be restricted to areas of High Conservation Value. And whilst curbing deforestation in HCV areas is undeniably positive, "Zero Deforestation" is not actually zero deforestation.

Still, caveats aside, persuading large companies that they need to clean up their environmental act is a global imperative and moves like these will hopefully shift the baseline in a positive direction. We the public, along environmental NGOs just need to make sure that these companies are actually sticking to these commitments in a positive way.