Maybe I am naive, but I was shocked to hear that the government are planning to go ahead with the badger cull again this summer. The 219 to one vote against carrying on the cull this summer is non-binding and does not appear to have made a great an impact on the decision, as some had hoped.

At least £7 million was spent on the cull (see, and the insufficient numbers culled may have meant the cull was ineffective in reducing the spread of bovine TB (bTB). Additionally, one of my earlier posts covered the proof that the cull was inhumane.

Further to this, the BBC have had to apologise this week for a misleading article which insinuated that the badger cull in Ireland decreased bTB in the country, when there was no scientific proof that this was the case:

No wonder the chief executive of the Badger Trust is calling the extension madness!