Every Olympic games, athletes have access to new technology designed to give them the slight edge they need to win medals. Whilst the results aren't always great (see the US speed skating team in Sochi), there's little doubt that such technology has led to many improvements in world records. The effect of technology in the paralympics is possibly even more stark - I wouldn't be surprised if prosthetics soon improve to the point that the paralympic 100m record is faster than the Olympic one.

The Cybathlon is a new event aiming to take this trend to the extreme. It consists of a series of events designed specifically to test not just athletes, but the assistive devices they're using. Significantly, the organisers call participants 'pilots,' not athletes, reflecting the fact that most of the physical work will actually be done by machines, and the humans will simply direct them.

Reflecting the importance of the devices being used in the event, medals will be presented to both the 'pilot' and the device creator. I can't wait to see how this turns out.