I must admit, I definitely have a tendency to procrastinate. Has it always been the case though? I'm not sure - perhaps previously I just didn't have time to procrastinate. Or maybe I didn't see it as procrastination - more just a lastminute.com type of reaction with the usual plethora of excuses ("I work better under pressure - honestly, thats the reason I left my essay until the last minute!"). Sound familiar?

Unfortunately though, these days I am no longer a student. And the tasks that need doing, take a lot longer than pulling an all-nighter (accompanied by coffee and Pro Plus). Yet still, I find myself leaving things until the last minute. There is a certain adrenalin rush associated with managing to get whatever the impending task is within the deadline, despite having left it until the last minute... a kinda sense of achievement. And I'm also aware that there's also the fallback excuse incase the task completed was not up to par ("Well, I didn't really give it my all, I was rushed!). Even as I write this, it sounds ridiculous (Note to self: WILL be better organised and procrastinate less in the future!!!).

Well, now it seems I may have another excuse to add to my list - it's genetic! The interesting thing about this study is that they compared the tendency to procrastinate between identical twins (those that are genetically identical) and fraternal twins (not genetically identical, as related as regular siblings), and found a heritable component to procrastination - identical twins display more similar tendencies than the non-identical twins, suggesting a genetic basis to traits like procrastination or impulsiveness. Intriguing. Although difficult to envision how such a gene would work.

So, can I just get away with blaming my genes? Sadly, I don't think that excuse is going to wash at work... :-)

Enough procrastinating - time to get back to it!