This takes bad science to new people were given a VOODOO doll (!) and asked to take it home with them for 3 weeks and then record how many times a day they poked it while also measuring their blood sugar.

Why on earth is voodoo doll a good measure of physical violence? Also, why only spouses? There is no control where the doll represents anyone else, so we cannot conclude it's spouses. There is not attempt to detangle other (maybe more obvious) alternative explanations - like being hungry for one...who doesn't get irritable when they are hungry? Also, did people really prick the doll? After 21 days of it, I bet I'd just tell the experiments how many times I pricked it, rather than actually bothering.

A bad quality science paper, that is written in a way to entice the media (like inventing new jargon like hangry), and then the media grabs it adds yet more spin (like 'new research suggests snacking reduces domestic violence') and boom - the author gets instant fame and probably a permanent job out of it.

Unfortunately the better science that will surely follow that will explain the obvious flaws in the work will never get the same media attention...

Rant over.