According to the New York Times, 2012 was ‘the year of the MOOC’ (massive open online course).For those that haven’t come across MOOCs previously, these are free online courses aimed at unlimited participation and open access via the web.Whilst the courses use traditional materials such as videos and readings etc, the interactive user forms build a vast community of students from around the world.Whilst the value of MOOCs is much debated because of its high percentage of students that fail to complete the courses, I feel that they are a valuable resource in business. In an age where social media is seen to be having a negative effect on the art of conversation, taking a MOOC allows you to dip your toe into new subject areas, engage in conversation with Professors and other academics in the field, as well as with fellow students.It allows one to get a brief overview of areas in business we may be unfamiliar with such as forensic accounting, new venture finance, the secret power of brands, to marketing in a digital world. Understanding different market sectors or different elements of our own business(es) opens up new possibilities and enables further growth and development.