I finally caught up with Jonathan Glazer's abstract sci-fi from last year, and immediately revisited Sam's review of the film. It's an excellent piece of cinema, refusing to follow conventional expectations and mostly getting away with it. The first hour is outstanding, and whilst the final 45 minutes or so became a little too unfocused the film as a whole is still excellent. The soundtrack in particular completely bowled me over - it's the most hauntingly perfect film score I've heard for some time.

As for what's actually going on, I think it's one of those films that leaves a lot to the interpretation of each individual viewer, and it works. For me, the men Johansson's character abducts are "food", providing her with with sustenance. After she allows a victim to go free (as she begins to take on some human qualities) one of the first things we see her try to do is eat a slice of cake - both attempting to become more human and see if she can get nourishment through alternative means. As I say, this was my view. Sam's was somewhat different, and someone else who watched Under The Skin would probably have yet another version of what's going on.

I'm certainly with Sam in agreeing that it doesn't matter, however. It's a bold, striking and beautifully made film that offers something considerably different. Highly recommended.