Yesterday evening Intelligence 2 held a debate in London with, among others, Walter Isaacson (biographer of Steve Jobs) and Andrew Keen (author of "the Internet is not the Answer" and columnist of CNN) on the hollowing out of the economy in the light of technological advances and how this is affecting the middle classes. Moore's law states that computer capacity doubles every 18 months. Jeff Bezos of Amazon and Travis Kalanick of Uber are investing billions of dollars in drones and driverless cars to replace expensive humans, just in the same way that Instagram replaced the need for Kodak workers in Rochester, New York State. Nicholas Carr, author of the "Glass Cage - Where is automation taking us", predicts that teachers, lawyers and doctors may fall victim to software algorithms now taking on knowledge work. There is some light at the end of the tunnel: big data cannot replace human insight and intuition, at least not yet. So lawyers may still be around, in decreasing numbers, for some time.