tested dozens of apps and after going through their lengthy app list, I picked out five that are quirky and fun and sometimes informative -- try them out!

1.Funny or Die Weather

Viral humor site Funny or Die has released a weather app. No joke. And it’s a real weather app with five-day forecasts and all kinds of weather stats like Barometric Pressure, Wind Speed & Direction, Humidity, UV Index, Sunrise & Sunset, and more. The thing that makes it different is that it includes funny weather factoids with each forecast. Factoids like "The humidity of water is extremely high" and "No one knows what a barometer is.”

2.Hotel My Phone

You’re out with friends and as the night goes on you notice your iPhone’s battery is almost dead. The only problem is you’re expecting a really important phone call. Out of luck? Not if you’re using Hotel my Phone. The app allows you to “check in” on another friend’s phone when you’ve forgotten your phone--or that battery dies. By checking in to your friend’s phone all the calls and messages sent to your number will be forwarded to your friend’s device

3.Next Glass -- Explore Craft Beer & Wine

Next Glass is a great app for those that like to drink (you know who you are). The app makes suggestions on what kind of beer and wine you would like based on your previous tastes and preferences. You begin by rating the wines and beers you already like in your Taste Profile, then the apps matches the chemical data of those drinks with others you have not yet tried to provide personal recommendations.


SNOWidget isn’t really an app. It’s a widget that lives on iOS 8’s Notification Center--and one with a very singular purpose. All it does is count down the days and hours until Christmas--but it does so against a very beautiful backdrop of snowfall using particle physics.


Sickweather is billed as the first Doppler radar for sickness. The app uses social media reports to plot the location of outbreaks of Flu, Norovirus, Pink Eye, Whooping Cough, and 19 other illnesses. If you’re in the US the reports are displayed on a 5 Day radar map so you can see color-coded locals of outbreaks. Good for hypochondriacs.