In an age where value is only understood if we slap a '$' sign infront of it, allow me to do so for the oceans. $24 trillion. Not to mention a vast expanse of life, beauty and mystery.

This is a plea to the business community - the oceans are one of the planet's biggest assets. Whether or not it features on the balance sheet. Its being monetized every second by soaking up half the carbon dioxide you pump into the atmosphere (~$4.3 trillion). You have already exploited 2/3 of the world's fisheries ($6.9 trillion). You even capitalize it as a part of the insatiable tourist industry ($7.8 trillion). And lets not forget basic trading routes that have been used for eons - guided by the stars then, by $ signs now ($5.2 trillion).

And yet you are unperturbed by the strain on marine ecosystems by overfishing, pollution and climate change? Perhaps it is time you reassessed this your invisible asset on your balance sheet, before it evaporates.