Dear Humans,

Congratulations on valuing snapchat at $19 billion and black rhinos at $0.

Congratulations on the Red Wedding evoking a greater emotional reaction that the Red Seas of Denmark's annual dolphin massacre.

Congratulations on Kung Fu Panda getting a 7.6 rating on IMDB with only 1800 real pandas left to make sequels on.

Congratulations on all the vaccinations we've developed by experimenting on those that have no voice.

Congratulations on funding terrorism by buying ivory.

Congratulations on Jaws earning $800 million and shark fin soup being a delicacy that adds no flavor except pride and status.

Congratulations on successfully putting men on mars and polar bears in the ocean.

Congratulations on the evolution of human intelligence to create +300 different types of honey and the extinction of +300 species within a century (bees are next on the list).

Congratulations on leaving future generations with a world where rainforests are found in books and poverty is found on the streets because we think intelligence is having the biggest bank account even if we are morally bankrupt.


A Mystified Observer