Project Vox is a site that 'features the forgotten voices of women philosophers, giving academics and students a rare opportunity to study and promote their work.' In recent decades, feminism has infiltrated academia and pushed for inclusion of women thinkers and writers into philosophy, history, and other curriculums. This call for reviving the female cannon is not rooted in political correctness, but rather aims to teach students the realities of prominent contributors. In order to strike down prevailing notions of 'genius tied to gender', we must rightfully uncover the prominent women and other minority groups who contributed to major ideological movements, but whose work has been forgotten. This misrepresentation has created an illusion that history is indeed his-story.

As more and more of these women's works are uncovered and revealed, hopefully historical and philosophical narratives will shift to more accurately credit those individuals with influential ideas. It might be a slow process, but reviving the female cannon is necessary for accuracy and for encouraging future generations of women that they can make thoughtful contributions to their respective fields by seeing how women have contributed all along.