Here's some (potentially) good news for those who are opposed to causing harm or suffering to living creatures, but still like, miss, or are curious about the taste of meat.

The first lab-grown hamburger was made in 2013. The meat (beef) was painstakingly grown in a lab; in all, some 20,000 muscle fibres had to be grown to make one burger patty. According to those who tasted it, it wasn't great, but it wasn't terrible. The catch: it cost more than £200,000 to produce! Now the price that same patty has dropped to something that's almost reasonable: around £7. Heck, I'm sure there are many fancy burger establishments that charge a good deal more than that for their gourmet burgers.

Apparently, though, the technology and processes involved likely still need another couple of decades before the lab-grown meat can be mass produced and commercially viable. And, hopefully, delicious! Is this the beginning of the end for livestock farming?