In this fascinating blog entry, a Zimbabwean national speaks of returning to his home country following a transition from the Zim dollar to "...British pounds, euros, South African rand, Botswana pula, Indian rupees, and even Chinese yuan..."

Amidst intense hyperinflation, Zimbabwe eliminated their currency in 2009. Practically, the nature of exchanging the currency grew difficult as folks sometimes needed to carry their monies in wheelbarrows.

Although the initial plan of switching to the US dollars remained in tact, a general shortage of US dollars in Zimbabwe required other solutions. No longer could citizens rely on the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe.

Enter mobile payments. The author writes,"...there just aren't enough bills to go around, and this has created a huge opportunity for cashless mobile payment services, and that's good for small businesses."

Although it is unclear how these systems will develop, the author is optimistic. He closes, "I'm betting that one day Zimbabwe will have a digital currency like Ecuador."