I have to accept that I can be somewhat negative in my posts and what follows is no exception. It cannot be lost on all of us that alarm bells are starting to ring. There is less money available to Local Authorities to assist with elderly care at the exact point when this is starting to become critical. For those who have lost capacity there is an increasing need to rely upon family members to support them.

It goes without saying that an increasingly ageing population will put more pressure on other resources such as the already busy Court of Protection and we need to be dealing with this now. There is a tendency to wait and react to changing circumstances but these issues are the here and now. In 2014 there were 17,000 people with dementia who were under 65 let alone those over this age. This brings into sharp focus the need to encourage people to look into their future life planning now and as such they should be encouraged to look at Lasting Powers of Attorney earlier on in life. Dementia is a process of osmosis which, seemingly benign at the beginning can be nothing but malignant at the end.

Families need to be empowered to assist in the process of making plans for their vulnerable family members. The pressures that families face can be somewhat ameliorated by giving them the authority to act on your behalf in the event that you do lose capacity. Any assistance for families must be a good thing surely?