In what was initially assumed to be a two-horse race, as the prospect of a Jeremy Corbyn win was roundly dismissed by many and hardly anybody knew who Liz Kendall even was, a recent Yougov pollhas placed the former firmly ahead of his three rivals in the Labour leadership bid.

Corbyn, who is the Labour MP for Islington North, is running on an avowedly left, anti-austerity platform, much to the chagrin of the right wing elements of the party and to the predictable derision of the mainstream media.

His last minute entry (just two minutes before the deadline) and quick ascendancy in the leadership race has undoubtedly excited those who wish to see a more principled and just alternative to the current socio-political and economic orthodoxy. According to articles from the Guardian, Indepdendent and the New Statesman, it seems that Corbyn’s platform has galvanized young people in particular, who are a constituency increasingly marginalised and bereft of hope for their futures by the spate of regressive policies enacted by the Conservative government. Policies that are met with little coherent resistance from the Labour party at large. The excerpt below sums up his appeal nicely..