TheCityUK’s recently released London Employment Survey, reveals that jobs in the capital’s financial and related professional services industry have reached an all-time high – 729,600 as at June 2015. The 2.2% hike in the first half of the year (H1) has been largely driven by strong growth (3.8%) in the professional services sector. TheCityUK expects this upward trend to continue to the end of 2015, forecasting an additional 7,300 jobs across the industry in H2 and a full-year rise in employment of 3.2%.

During H1, accounting and management consultancy saw the biggest increase in jobs, up 4.7% to 260,500, followed by strong growth in fund management (up 4.3% to 31,200) and insurance (up 2.1% to 81,700). The financial services sector as a whole saw a marginal increase in employment of less than 1%, with banking jobs falling slightly by 0.3% to 143,600. More than one in three (37%) respondents noted a year-on-year increase in full-time hires.

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