Despite the undoubted power and growing influence of social media and new technology, most people are still reliant on the big screen in the corner of the room - television.

The TV companies dominate and they have yet to be replaced in the hearts and minds of most people. YouTube may dominate amongst younger people and there is no doubting the rise of YouTubers. But when Zoella took part in the Great British Bake Off for Comic Relief, who she was had to be explained to anyone over the age of 25 (I exaggerate, slightly, of course).

Where it comes to politics as well, social media remains a minority activity. The 2015 General Election may have seen a rise in importance of social media but the traditional media dominates.

Facebook's admission is a statement of fact rather than a cunning strategy. All such companies undoubtedly want to continue to grow, develop and find new markets (and new ways of maximising their revenue streams but they are not ready to take over TV.

... not yet, anyway.