One of the interesting things about the huge progress in imaging and telescope technology, as well as a renewed interest in examining extrasolar systems for signs of exoplanets, is that occasionally stuff like this turns up.

Occasional but continued irregular dimming of KIC 8462852 might be consistent with some sort of alien megastructure, known as a Dyson swarm (close cousin to the Dyson sphere). Indicative of what is known as a Type II alien civilization (see, the individual satellites in a Dyson Swarm would be used to collect as much solar energy as possible, likely beaming it over a network to supply vast power demands.

These sorts of megastructures (if they exist) might be the only evidence of aliens we are likely to find at this point - radio transmissions probably only existing in a rapidly-expanding thin shell depending on how pessimistic we want to be about the propensity for life to destroy itself, and actual alien visits being nigh-impossible within our current understanding of the universe.

Of course this is vastly more likely to be asteroids or exocomets causing the occlusions, or some other oddity, but hey - we can dream, right?