As Christmas approaches, there is always a lot to get done. Many of us will be attending Christmas Parties and work events so it is well worth giving your activities some thought in advance.

  1. Clients, clients, clients. As always clients should be your first point of call. Make a note of the clients you haven’t been in touch with for a while. Invite them out for a drink or take them as a guest to an event. If your firm sends a Christmas card, think about personalising some, or all of them. Don’t forget to contact those clients who you may not have done work for this year.
  2. Review and measure. Look back over the past year to review what has gone well and what could be done better. What were the challenges or blockages that stopped you from doing something? Do you need to re-prioritise your activities for next year? Do you have systems in place to ensure you are working efficiently and effectively? Were your activities focused and targeted or did you just do the easy stuff? Do you need to plan more ruthlessly?
  3. Get your pipeline in order. As you check through your Christmas card list and receive invitations, make sure the contacts on your CRM are up-to-date. Who has moved jobs or changed employers?
  4. Happy Christmas and goodbye. Some clients are simply not profitable for the business. They demand too much and want to pay too little. You need to raise their fees. They may stay, they may move on. At least they’ll be profitable.
  5. More goodbyes. Remember the recession where we realised we were doing things we shouldn’t be doing? Review marketing costs such as subscriptions and memberships and reduce waste.
  6. Set up meetings for 2016. Give yourself a head start and line up a few meetings for January. December is notoriously busy so if you can’t catch up with everyone, pencil something in your diary for next year.
  7. Internal contacts. Give some thought to colleagues in your firm who you don’t know so well. Make an effort to speak with them at the Christmas party or take them to a client event. If they offer a different service to your own, ask questions to find out how it may help your own clients.
  8. Social media. Use social media to thank clients and anyone who has helped you over the past year.
  9. Plan to work smarter, not harder. Give some thought to how you can really make an impact in 2016. What are 2-3 key priorities that will have the most impact?
  10. Competitors celebrate Christmas too. What have your competitors been doing over the past year and what do you expect they’ll do next year. Don’t put your head in the sand, they certainly won’t.
  11. Tidy the website. Ensure your website is up-to-date. Take a look at your profile, does it send out the right message? What about a particular service or practice group you’re involved in – when was the last time the copy was reviewed and updated?
  12. Take a break. Put on your out-of-office message and switch off the mobile Spend some time with your family and have a rest.

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