With the growth of anything comes a shift in expectations, and the growth of technology has seen this on a massive scale. Can you remember when we used to patiently wait for dial-up Internet? Introduction of super fast broadband and phones which we can pretty much run our lives from has led to a huge rise in expectations, which businesses need to satisfy in order to avoid being sidelined.

Knowing your customer, and anticipating your needs is a growing necessity for making browsing your site an easy experience and one which meets little resistance (i.e. slow loading time or a mass of information).

Yes, optimising for mobile is now a must. But it's not just making sure it looks right on the page. It's the content, too. Tailoring a website for your customer with smart content based on what you already know about them and using clear CTA's limits distraction and exasperation. It also increases the likelihood of them converting.

In a world awash with information, it's worth considering the idea of 'less is more'. Make it simple, easy and quick, and you're onto a winner.