This weekend after the atrocities in Paris I have read and heard a fair amount of talk of revenge, talk of war and of death. I have seen quite a lot of hatred.

This article explains far better than I can why this hatred and division is exactly what ISIS want. They want the world neatly divided into those that support their distorted version of Islam and everyone else. With hatred we only become victims of their terror. We become divided.

It make me very sad to see one reaction to the atrocities in Paris being a call to stop helping the refugees into Europe. Again this is what ISIS want. Nothing annoys fundamentalists more than European nations showing compassion to Muslims. It goes against their narrative. It doesn't fit with their propaganda.

So don't be a victim of terror - don't hate.

My deepest condolences to those affected by terrorism in Paris, Beirut, Turkey, Iraq and elsewhere in the world.