UK Business Insider mag explains a survey conducted of more than 500 HR professionals suggests that December is a great time to look for a job. 

This may be the consensus across most industries, however in niche highly skilled vertical industries, like UX, UI, Tech & Senior Management positions, it's worth keeping an 'ear to the ground' for when that dream opportunity comes along. 

The quietest time of year for digital is December, without a shadow of doubt. Great companies are still hiring, merely the quantity is reduced as most companies wait until they're back from the winter break before investing in new people. 

January is the opposite; companies hiring might be fighting against 5 to 10 companies for the same candidate. Job seekers will have to compete with many, many more people suffering itchy feet and January blues. 

Getting connected in December is wise, efficient and planning ahead will make life a lot easier when 2016 boots off.