On this year’s 30 Under 30 list by Forbes the median age is 26 and includes Gavin Armstrong’s Lucky Iron Fish. This company makes pieces of iron in the shape of fish, that, when cooked in boiling water, fortifies food with 75% of a family’s daily iron intake, fighting against iron deficiency anemia common in developing countries like Cambodia.  With nearly 2.5 billion suffering with iron deficiency anemia, it is a preventable condition that can lead to sickness and death.

The list also includes Audrey Cheng who cofounded Moringa School, which is bringing courses such as front-end web development and user interface and experience design to students in Nairobi, Kenya. Since they launched in 2014, they’ve graduated over 250 students from the school. Many have gone on to lucrative jobs at companies like Kytabu and Intellisost.

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