Do you believe you are increasing your chances of filling the position by 300 to 400 percent if you engage and work with several recruiters at the same time? You may think that the three to four recruiters have different databases with their own unique candidates, and the recruitment agencies each press a magic button to unveil never-ever-to-be-seen candidates. The truth of the matter?

Sorry, but let me tell you what really happens behind the recruiter scenes, in secret, away from public view. Recruitment agencies know of about four suitable candidates off the top of their head. They do a quick search in their databases where they may find another three people. They make seven phone calls. Three of them have already taken other jobs. Two are not interested in moving to your company or location. One or two are just not qualified. So at the end of it, they might get one or two candidates – or maybe none at all.

The other recruiters have the same kind of list. They go through the 10 people in their head and through their proprietary computer databases. Here is the catch and a dirty little secret. Most of these candidates are all on the respective lists, simply because people typically register their resume with more than one recruitment company and on Internet job boards like JobsDB and the like.

Hiring companies who multi-list their job vacancies with several recruitment agencies are shooting themselves in the foot, really hard. Dumb and dumber comes to mind.