As I read this article on the 8 emerging markets that won't scare you I was delighted of course to see the high correlation in all these countries with the high social enterprise activity. Social enterprises have taken the world by storm, proving the impossible: they reject the now almost pre-historic notion that profit and positive impact are mutually exclusive. Social enterprises are mission driven entities that achieve a demonstrable social/environmental outcome over and above a reasonable rate of financial return. Often these entities are termed as double or triple-bottom line companies (profit - people - planet). 

Looking at the countries listed in the article, India is Asia's leader in the social entrepreneurship with the majority of impact funds directing their capital into the high-growth country and is even home to Asia's first Social Impact Bond focused on affordable education. Indonesia is increasing proving to be an attractive destination, particularly for investments in sustainable agriculture. Vietnam is redefining growth by going one step further and providing social enterprises with a legal definition to institutionalize these vehicles for change. Kenya is the impact investing hub in Africa with mission-oriented capital pouring into financial inclusion (pioneered by mPesa) and clean energy (examples: mKopa and Off Grid Electric). 

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