My housemate turned to me on Saturday and quipped, 'I may as well have a landline, given the amount of time my phone lasts away the charger!' 

Of course she is exaggerating slightly - although reportedly the new update has really hit the latest iPhone's battery life. Yet another reason why I toil on with my bouncing iPhone4. The good news is that chargers are becoming more and more mobile (pun intended!) 

There are chunky cases that charge your phone, 'emergency' chargers you can tote around for a top up, and as any barista or barstaff will tell you, a pretty high proportion of people are happy to carry around their phone chargers. 

But Monday brings good news, in the form of trainers that capture your kinetic energy to charge your phone. It's an idea so obvious you have to wonder why it's not already refined and mass-marketed.