2015 saw some huge advancements with regards to technology but perhaps the area of recognition software made the greatest strides with regards to its affect on everyday life. 

A "Shazam" for plantlife is set to allow consumers an easy way to grow their own dinners, Samsung are releasing a Smart Mirror which will analyse the skin and make suggestions on products that could help. Ovens which will be controlled from tablets and smartphones which will make suggestions to recipes having recognised what is being cooked and by who. 

Smart TVs have already taken the market by storm and look set to revolutionise the way we watch TV over the coming year which, in a vertical that has already been turned on its head by streaming sites and the introduction of record and playback in recent times, is something of an achievement in itself.

In a world where infants are being taught to code, the next innovation is always just around the corner but nothing looks more likely to change the way we live our lives day to day that the recognition technology coming into our homes now and 2016 could be the year we see the most drastic changes of all.