Fortune's list of "World's Most Admired Companies" is a daunting indicator. 

An indicator of just how dependent we have become on the "Big 3." Apple, Alphabet (of Google fame) and Amazon are only situated on place above 4th place Insurance company Berkshire Hathaway but the chasm between them might as well be light-years in terms of dominance of the global market. 

It was this that lead me to think that, whilst there is no doubting the admirable characteristics of each of Apple, Google and Amazon, is it really admiration that people most associate with these companies? 

For mine, I would suggest Awe is a more applicable emotion. Standing at the base of "Mount Jobs" staring up and not being able to fathom an individual object, just a mass, akin to being at the bottom of the Burj Khalifa, you can't comprehend that the top of that building that has stood on the horizon is part of the same structure in front of you due the sheer scale of it. 

Or even Subservience. Take away any one of the triumvirate and life as we now know it changes substantially. The way we communicate, research, analyse, shop, treat one another, run our businesses....the list is inexhaustible.  

It is only when we take several steps back that we see the grand scale of exactly what we have in front of us and it is this slight change in perspective that I would encourage to all those "admiring" these companies and what they have done. For when we do, those left admiring may well be more Stockholm Syndrome than thought leaders.