For those of you with a keen eye for great news stories on Social Media, you'll know all about Boaty McBoatface. If you don't, you're in for a treat right here.

Have you heard of NERC?

How about RRS ships?

Well, NERC is the 'Natural Environment Research Council' - the UK's largest funder of independent environmental science, training and innovation.

RRS are Royal Research Ships - and by the look of them they are just begging for their own CBeebies series.

What's the fuss about?

NERC launched an internet competition to name their new vessel (to be built in the famous Cammell Lairds Shipyard on the Mersey). 

Serious suggestions like the RRS David Attenborough or the RRS Henry Worsley, have been overtaken by an unprecedented public engagement in a viral campaign - for RRS Boaty McBoatface.

This raises the delightful prospect of The Queen having to utter the phrase 'I name this ship....'

The original contributor of the name (a former BBC presenter) has now tried to distance himself from it, and NERC themselves are keen to point out that the campaign is for 'suggestions' and a panel will make the decision later in the year.

However, I feel that a massive opportunity will be lost if they don't go ahead with it. Raising awareness of the research work, and it's indications for future climate policy, should be something accessible to our younger generations.

The British public have a long history of getting behind things with silly names - Eddie the Eagle, Englebert Humperdinck, Boris Johnson - and I for one believe that the naming ceremony would as good for the Queen as her stint as a Bond Girl at the 2012 Olympics.

In short, if you are getting positive coverage and it's raising awareness, go with it, use it to your advantage.