In one of our recent posts, we talked about how the presentation of your home's exterior can affect its value by thousands of pounds - attractive houses sell/let! But in this case the exterior has been allegedly so offensive that neighbours have complained to the council for the house to be repainted. 

With house prices in the Royal borough of Kensington and Chelsea, constantly fetching upwards of £1m it is no wonder that people feel so strongly about issues in their local area - but are the complaints justified? 

In our nation of political correctness and high sensitivity, should the lady be allowed carte blanche (and red) to proudly wear her stripes or should she be subjugated to the whims of others who don't agree with the painting? 

Either way this is a case that nobody wins - should it be mandatory to sort out unsightly driveways or unruly shrubbery or is it all a bit dictatorial? 

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