Accidentally deleting 1.7m websites is bad enough, dealing with the fall out as a business can lead to plenty of Egg on ones face!

While searching recently I came across this website for TSG group they were one of the hapless victims of the 123 Reg fallout. A holding page pointed visitors to the BBC new article to explain why their website was down.

This incident proves that even if your business is in the business of technology you can never rest on your laurels.

Websites are central to a the representation of your business and should be treated as such. I would therefore suggest that all businesses should consider the impact of a website outage on the cost of their business. This impact should be considered in terms of direct financial loss (sales loss, leads lost), indirect loss (customer perception) and the cost of replacement.

Ask yourself the following questions. How much are you paying for your hosting? Does this price truly reflect that value of your website to the business? What would the impact be on your business if a similar incident occurred? Does your hosting service come with automated back ups? Are these tested regularly to check if they work? What is the contingency process if an incident occurs?  

It’s the answers to these and more that should influence the decision on which vendor to use rather than price. After all cheap is often expensive.