#dogsatpollingstations is back! Today marks a historical moment for the country and as people take to the polls the power of social media prevails. 

Facebook is encouraging people to let others know they have voted, LinkedIn has got the business arguments covered and twitter, well twitter is lightening the mood as the infamous #dogsatpollingstations hashtag returns for the third time and it is trending already. 

This kind of response to a very serious moment for the nation proves how integral social media has become in people's lives and highlights where the power often lies - in the hands of the users themselves! 

I am fascinated at the pull animals have on social media and I don't think any harm can come from this light-hearted hashtag - if anything it might encourage a few more people to go and vote! You could join in and post a picture of your dog at the polling station or get animals involved in your social media campaigns - you might even be the next trending hashtag! 

Check it out via - https://twitter.com/hashtag/dogsatpollingstations?src=tren