I'm awful at taking photos. Everything in my camera roll is out of focus, blurry or has my finger over the lens. I've recently been using the Prisma app and it is great at turning my dreary photography into fantastic looking art. When I searched for more information on Prisma, at first I was confronted by a haze of standard photo app reviews. But dive past that and there's a really interesting AI story under the hood.

The Prisma app isn't like Instagram, which layers a filter over the photo you took. Instead it uses neural networks and deep learning to extract the style of a painting and combine it with your photograph to create a new image. All the processing is done in the cloud, and the wait time is impressively short. 

But as a consumer, what grabbed my attention wasn't the novelty or cutting edge nature of the technology, but the quality of the product and user experience. It's one of those apps that just works.

It's great to see examples of AI being deployed where the user experience is so good that you'd never realise how much tech is going on behind the scenes.