As a Fitbit wearer myself, this article resonates with me - and indeed several financial advisers and suppliers I know who are members of the Financial Fitbitters group on Facebook.

In addition to the Fitbit device giving feedback on your activity, a key element is also the community aspect where you can 'compete' with friends in weekly or weekend challenges.  This is something that a financial version of the Fitbit would struggle to offer, though the community and supportive aspects could be highly compelling.

It's been known for a long time that many of the most successful apps on your mobile device are those which give you feedback on your personal behaviours, so it's easy to see why fitness and health related apps are so popular.

Research shows that adults in the UK look at their mobile device 264 times a day on average (source: IpsosConnect TouchPoints Survey 2015), so there is enormous potential for financial advisers to get their fair share of attention with the right tech offering.  Unfortunately at the moment, remarkably few advisers even have their own app for iOS or Android devices.

Interestingly, the financial advisers who could potentially steal a march on the opportunity that Mark writes about are those in the Financial Life Planning community - companies such as Serenity Financial Planning who also focus on life goals, health, wellness and lifestyle as part of their client proposition.

Exciting times ahead - the technology is here; we are only limited by our own imaginations as to how we can use it to add even greater value to clients.