Okay, there's an element of this which is quite endearing, but the whole photo shoot thing - potentially a little over the top? The photo shoot consists of an array of 'scenes', all typically associated with one of those dead trendy engagement announcements that 'edgy' people do, and, at a push, baby news. This woman actually puts my actions towards my own engagement to shame. I'm appalled that I don't have a mug that says "officially off the market". I didn't even get a cake, unlike this ecstatically happy job-seeker turned new employee! I was never going to buy myself a cake. That would be weird, but someone else could have! 

Perhaps I'm not sentimental enough for this kind of behaviour?

I've read and seen a lot of things relating to job-seekers, candidates, interviews and job offers, but this is PASSION. Initially I thought she'd named it too (#readthatbitbymistake soz), although she may well have done so and if she has, good on her. It took me at least 2 weeks to name my cat and I love him dearly, so this woman is basically beating me at everything in life right now. 

There is nothing more I can say on this (actually there's LOADS) without you clicking onto and viewing the article for yourself: