US$129 vs ~US$1,500 might seem like the obvious answer, but I feel there's a deeper, more philosophical reason why the new Spectacles from Snapchat/Snap Inc. won't end up being a false start like Google Glass: it's fun. Whereas the Glass may have taken itself too seriously by trying to be too many things way before anyone was ready for it - an assistant/ a constant companion/ a distrupt-the-way-we-live tech - the premise behind the Spectacles is that it takes a step back, lets users have fun (without being prompted), and gives them the option to capture and share that fun instantly. 

Perhaps there will be a time when the Glass makes a comeback - and the article also states the Spectacles aren't just about fun for the newly rebranded Snap Inc. - but the bright new world of wearable tech the Glass promised might need users to get used to, and have fun with, the more casual Spectacles first.