But not if you work in a fixed office. WHAT A LIBERTY! 

I can't really complain because admittedly my commute, by Central London standards at least, is virtually non-existent, but I have colleagues who have to endure long, cramped (sometimes sweaty) and usually delayed rail journeys everyday, twice a day. So why shouldn't office workers get paid for commuting? 

Some might argue that workers should take positions closer to home and that they are ultimately responsible for the length of their commute, but as many of my colleagues have stated, it's circumstantial and not always a simple riddle to solve. With rents rising in the capital to astronomical heights, paying £5000 a year for a rail pass and living cheaply does actually work out better for some. 

With all of this in mind, why shouldn't fixed office workers get paid for their commute as well? At the moment the new ruling (if it will even apply to us post-Brexit) means that professionals who work remotely such as electricians and care workers, could indeed charge for their time spent travelling. A great initiative and if they do fancy extending it to office workers I don't think anybody would be complaining! 

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