With Google seeking to grow the London tech scene with its new Kings Cross development the opportunities for business should not be overlooked.

Coupled with other strong London growth in the area of Fintech now is the time to start thinking about expanding horizons and seizing opportunities.

The good news for the continued input of Google money into the UK makes it easier for the smaller to medium sized tech and business enterprises to start taking positive steps for growing their businesses once again in the post Brexit vote.

Following a recent talk with the former Foreign Secretary, Sir Malcolm Rifkind, he stated that Brexit will not be as bad as we think nor as good as we hope. To this I would wholeheartedly agree.

With Google leading the way and putting its money where its mouth is, the choices are good for further investment in the London Tech scene. The challenges of getting the best people are eased with steps like this from Google. Business forces the hand of politics sometimes and this is one of those statements from Mr Pichai.

I don't know for certain the case for a post Brexit world and anyone that tells you otherwise is treating you as the Emperor with new clothes. What I do know is that if Google wants to come to my back yard, I am going to approach it the same today as I would have this time last year; an opportunity to be seized.

So what do we take away form this news? For me and in the indomitable words of Churchill- abbreviated for 21st century tech speak- “KBO” people.