Among all the global events of 2016, little mention was made that it seemed to exhaust the world's entire supply of superlatives - we had both the best of times and the worst of time.  Some of them happened, others were promised and there was a fair share that didn't come to pass.

The world has, again, become a vastly different place in just 12 months

Happily, infrastructure's potential to be an engine of growth across the international stage remains a conventional wisdom without (by comparison) few dissenters.  Less happily, it's still perceived as being a bit too risky in the construction phase and this at a time when there is a clamour to invest in valuable assets.

This in a world where contract structures are continuingly developed to allocate risk fairly and responsibly and set out the consequences clearly.

There's no getting away from the fact that risks exist and do come to pass from time to time, but it does seem that there is a golden opportunity if stakeholders get on board earlier with infrastructure - possibly taking a larger share of risk but hopefully taking a bigger share of the reward.