So what do we know so far?

1. The attack started in the UK Friday afternoon affecting most recognisably the NHS

2. Since gone global - literally

3. The Telecoms Spanish giant Telefonica has been impaired which is a deeply worrying sign. 

4. The malware was stolen from the National Security Agency by a group calling itself the Shadow Brokers. Hard to make this up.

5. The attackers are expected to pocket $1bn from this. I hate to admit this but crime does sometimes pay - on this occasion, very handsomely. 

6. A 22 year old British researcher has temporarily halted it's spread. This is why it has not yet crossed to America. 

7. Copycats are now expected. If you can make a cool $1bn from your bedroom, hardly a surprise. 

8. The global security system has been caught monumentally unprepared. 

9. The malware took advantage of a weakness in the Windows operating systems. Patches had been released a few months earlier but these did not cover earlier OS's.

10. Ransom attacks have been on the rise over the last 18 months and are expected to rise.