As we join the celebrations of World Entrepreneurs Day we ask you to share which entrepreneurs inspire you and why? 

Ben Nottingham in PwC''s Innovation team shares who inspires him:

"For me it's Jacqueline Novogratz, founder of Acumen Fund. 

Why?  She has a clear sense of purpose which goes way beyond simply making money and getting rich quick. She sees business as a force for good in the world and isn't afraid to get her hands dirty and put herself in some really hard situations in order to truly understand the people / customers she's trying to serve."

Chantal Mutel, Private Business marketing executive and ride the national project leader finds inspiration in:

"Julie Deane - The Cambridge Satchel Company Founder & CEO. 

Why?, Her and her mother were trying to think of ways to pay schools fees, so from a only a £600 budget in 2008, in 2009 she starts making satchel bags in her kitchen. Then Jump forward to 2014 and her bags had achieved an A-list following and Index (The same company that invests in Net-A-Porter and ASOS) had invested £12.7m in her company. She now runs a multi million pound global business. It really shows that from very small beginnings great things can happen."

Connor Kinnear, Chief Marketing Officer at Passle shares who inspires him:

"When it comes to the subject of what entrepreneurs inspire I always think of what Paul Graham from Y Combinator said: 'Do the things that do not scale'.  

He goes on to talk about how Airbnb are a great example of this where the founders went out door to door to get the first rooms, apartments and houses onto their platform. So those are the entrepreneurs that inspire.  Those who do the things that do not scale. It is the unglamorous stuff, the things that people don’t want to do and it’s very, very tiring and draining and takes up every bit of your time; but you have to do if you want to be successful.  

It shows you have a passion and belief in your idea and if you are not willing to put in the hard yards then nobody else will.”

Paul Andrews, Managing Director of Family Business United, shares where he finds his inspiration:

"Being around the world of family business there are lots of people that I find inspirational, and for many different reasons but the common factors they all share are passion, determination and drive.  Passion for their products/services, determination to fulfil their strategic objectives (be it a sale in due course or passing it on to the next generation) and drive to innovate and create a business that they can exit in a better position than the one they took on.

A recent dinner in Yorkshire was captivating with the story of the fifth generation CEO at Bagnalls, Stephen Bagnall, who is inspiring in the way that he leads the business that has been going since 1875, and furthermore, Richard Balson, the 26tth generation of his family to stand behind  the butcher’s block in Bridport, Dorset is equally inspiring. 

What never ceases to amaze me with the family business owners that I am privileged to meet and interview is their pride and passion for what they do – be it cardboard boxes, funerals, sweets or paint – they all love what they do and have a real story to tell, one that means something whether first generation or 26th, and that for me is the most energising and inspiring thing to see and hear.  Family businesses are the backbone of the UK economy and their leaders are all inspiring in some way."

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