Imagine getting paid for completing simple fun tasks using your smartphone! SquadRun is an ingenious app that offers its 'players' to complete real missions with real rewards. The app offers an innovative solution to myriad business problems - by breaking massive projects into bite-size, easy-to-accomplish tasks, SquadRun unleashes the power of crowd-sourcing to effectively complete them.

What I find particularly interesting is how the developers, Apurv Agrawal, Kanika Jain and Vikas Gulati, have used elements of gamification to keep 'players' stimulated. Not only do players earn actual rewards (cash), they also get a reasonably engaging mission (solving actual business problems) and gives them a sense of instant gratification (considering the tasks are not impossible to execute). This is further strengthened by the fact that players can 'personalize' their tasks - allowing the company to leverage personal preferences to keep players involved.

What excites me the most about the app is not how it works or what it can do - rather WHO it can be used by! Imagine social enterprises using this to assess the scope of their impact. Imagine grass-root developmental agencies using this to decode demographic patterns. Imagine national health-care institutions using it to collect vital data. The potential social impact this app can help achieve in a cost effective way is tremendous!

Download now and try it out for yourself :)