Growing up I played every sport I had the opportunity to get involved in. Golf, tennis, soccer, rugby, gaelic football, hurling - anything.

However no matter what sport I played, common themes remained. I was defensively minded and loved to involve myself in gamesmanship whenever the chance arose. It gave me an edge.

I loved to win, and if I could do this while treading a fine line between fair play and the 'dark arts' then all the better.

Not many admit to that so openly, but even now when watching sport I like to see players tip toeing along that line. I'd rather see a strong tackle that takes man and ball - rousing team-mates and supporters alike - than a good goal.

In many ways I think the same is true for Suarez. For me its a manifestation of a will to win. And a will to win at all costs.

But the important thing is you have to be 'cute' about it all, while realising there's a line. Unfortunately though, through diving and biting, its a line that the Uruguayan blatantly crosses far too often.