It's alarming to think that the original Bugatti Veyron was launched a decade ago - in that time we've seen developments such as tablets come and (by Tech Crunch's predictions at least) go! 

The Bugatti was considered the pinnacle of the industry, never to be improved upon. Given the tough 10 years that the car industry has had since (including recent issues around oil prices, the VW scandal and tax on emissions) most would have expected that to be the case. 

Yet, a challenge was set to improve upon the Veyron, and it always amazes me how setting a challenge or a goal can drive forward innovation - you only have to think about the space race. 

I suppose what I'm getting at is that too many times I see companies forecast 'prudent' or 'achievable' numbers without really challenging themselves. Until a challenge is set and your team believes you can do it, you're setting yourself up for mediocrity. 

Believe in ideas and challenge yourself to achieve them. It's amazing what you can do.